Who we are and Who we Serve

For over 10 years the Directors of Roadsense have been providing class leading telematics and onboard camera systems to some of the largest and most respected companies around the world.

Our systems have been proven to deliver powerful, accurate, business critical information and provide a consistent return on investment.

The Roadsense system and vehicle telematics solution is different from the rest. It is truly modular, which means you can buy just the features you need today, safe  in the knowledge that, as your business needs change, Roadsense has the flexibility to change with you. If you just need cameras today, then buy cameras, safe in the knowledge that when you do need to upgrade to telematics, our systems will work together seamlessly. Unlike most systems, Roadsense can easily be customised to meet your exact requirements, providing a wealth of simple to understand analytical reporting tools to ensure that your vehicles are always operating at their maximum efficiency.

Roadsense delivers detailed vehicle and driver information directly to your desktop, tablet or smartphone, giving you full insight into your fleet’s status and providing you with everything you need to help make your fleet safer, greener, more efficient and productive.

We realise that cameras and fleet tracking is just one of the tools required to maximise efficiency and reduce risk so we also provide driver behaviour systems, CANbus efficiency reporting, route scheduling, trailer monitoring and  temperature control systems, all fitted by our award-winning nationwide installation team.

Our modular system means that we are able to provide all of this at a cost-effective price so you don’t need to buy a system today that may not fulfil your needs tomorrow.

Want to know which tracking system is used by four out of five of the world’s top petroleum companies to save on their own fuel costs and meet rigorous driving safety standards? – That’s Roadsense!

For more information or if you need friendly advice simply contact us.