Roadwatch Professional

Our Roadsense Roadwatch HD dash cam performs multiple functions within one unit, and will meet your insurers’ requirements for a lower premium. Incorporating GPS, single or dual cameras, harsh manoeuvre and accident detection these cameras safeguard the reputation of your business and your drivers.

A panic button allows drivers to instantly log any incident or impact with a simple touch.  Adding an extra level of reassurance, Roadsense Roadwatch integrates smart sensors to detect any harsh events or impacts automatically triggering a command to store the recording without reliance on the driver.  Up to five days’ worth of recorded footage can be stored on one SD card.

These compact windscreen-mounted units are available with a high definition single forward-facing camera, or a dual lens model covering both the cab interior and the road. Audio recording is integrated as standard.  The camera is compatible with Roadsense’s telematics system, to provide comprehensive data and alerts in real time.  When integrated with the vehicle camera, video and audio recordings are at your fingertips.