A fresh new take on fleet safety from some of the most experienced people in the industry

We are one of the few Fleet management companies able to deliver a wide-range of camera options from simple stand-alone units to multi camera systems but that is just part of our mission. Roadsense also combines fleet efficiency and risk information, coupled with class leading tracking, all wrapped up in an intuitive and beautiful design.

The Roadsense system has been sold for over ten years to fleets of all sizes and has been installed in over 15,000 vehicles around the world, without ever having lost a customer. Every company that has purchased the system continues to use it today.

With over 25 years experience at the forefront of the fleet telematics industry, the founders of Roadsense truly understand the value of excellence in customer service, delivery and installations.

So take advantage of our experience and choose a Camera or Telematics system that you can depend on.

You know it makes Roadsense!

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